UX designers within product teams

UX designers within product teams: Part 2

Over-collaboration is the key in product team to increase productivity. Well-defined implementation process is healthy communication between designers and front-end developers.

From a Sketch Design to HTML5

There are various tools and techniques available for Sketch design to code such as KuikaBoost, AnimaApp, Sketch2React. Let’s take a look at what they offer.

Front-end developer challenges

Front-end development is an ever-evolving occupation. We view the biggest challenges they face, and their collaboration with designers and backend developers.

Story behind KuikaBoost

Taking a brief look at our history that made KuikaBoost possible and how it transforms design-to-code into something fun for both designers and developers.

KuikaBoost Alpha Launch

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE KUIKABOOST! Kuika Boost is for UI/UX Designers and Developers to do more with less.