KuikaBoost Alpha Launch

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE KUIKA BOOST! Kuika Boost is for UI/UX Designers and Developers to do more with less. You can get your beautiful Sketch design implemented with accuracy and with significantly less effort. It is quick and easy, and you get production level quality HTML5/CSS/SVG output! Kuika Boost enhances collaboration among designers, developers and their customers. For Designers: In our app, you can upload your design, define the responsive behaviors, produce the  HTML files and share the results. In another words, what you design is what you really get. For Developers: You can save time and effort converting a Sketch design into code and not worry about mastering any HTML or CSS. We invite you to try Alpha Release of Kuika Boost. You can use it for websites, web application and even mobile app designs. And guess what, even Kuika Boost itself is a Kuika Boost output, it’s a truly bootstrapped product! We will keep delivering top quality software following your valuable feedbacks! Enjoy Kuika Boost. Thank you!