Story behind KuikaBoost

Kuika Software was established by Sadun Anık, in 2015. Sadun Anık has more than 25 years of solid experience on R&D and software business. It was always his dream to make software business into something efficient. He founded Kuika to make his dream come true. In 2016, Murat Ihlamur, and in 2017, Sureyya Ciliv joined Kuika as a founder and vice chairmen. We developed a high technology low-code platform. After two years of research and development, in 2017, we sold our product to our first customers, from whom we learned a lot. Today, we have 12 customers and 2 solution partners. We delivered turnkey solutions then our customers began to develop their projects themselves.

We developed the projects quite fast, but we noticed that we were spending a lot of time on front-end development. Design changes took even more time. We could not find any software product to meet our needs on that issue. Therefore, we decided to create one.

What Does KuikaBoost do?

KuikaBoost enables to create and share neat and readable HTML/CSS code from Sketch designs, by also making them responsive. The Alpha version is available to use.

Application designers have trouble when making sure their designs are will be coded with high fidelity. They make multiple slightly different instances of the same design, in order to show the effect of each possible action, and similarly, to show how design must behave when the screen size changes.

KuikaBoost help designers to

  • Create code without coding: Designers can produce readable and high-quality HTML/CSS code with Kuika Boost, without writing a single line of code.
  • Design WYSYYRG: They can define and illustrate responsive behavior easily. Responsiveness will be preserved within the code as it is. More work is done in a shorter time. “What you see is what you get.” becomes “what you see is what you really get.”

Front-end developers put great effort to transfer every pixel of the design to code. That’s why changes in design after coding is complete is their greatest nightmare. In addition, potential misunderstandings and discrepancies between what the designer meant and what the developer understood must be resolved, which makes the coding process even less bearable.

KuikaBoost helps front-end developers to

  • Save time: Developers can quickly get a lean HTML/CSS code without dealing with numerous design specs and can get quick feedback from the customer. Verification from both the designer and the customer becomes much smoother and faster.
  • Retrieve ready-to-use HTML/CSS code: Developers can get readable, editable HTML/CSS code and build backend on top of it with ease and confidence.

You Are invited

As outlined above, Kuika Boost Alpha is accessible to designers and developers. Our objective is to finalize the Alpha test soon and launch Beta Version. We believe that it will be a relief to both designers and front-end developers. Be our Alpha users, let us support you in your studies. We plan to be in close contact with our Alpha users to better understand their experiences and needs. We kindly invite you to be part of our journey.

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